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Housing and city is a year dedicated to residential aspects but fundamentally focused on an urban setting. The dualism of these two issues studied together entail the understanding of different concepts understood initially as opposites such as emptiness / fullness, public / domestic or interior / exterior. The study of the city, the urban pattern, the knowledge of its scale and the relation of the project and the site are constant aspects that aim to facilitate the development of the residential project as an inseparable part of the city.

The two projects are located in the same area of the city centre, this one being closer to the gothic quarter next to the benedictine monastery Sant Pere de les Puelles.

The project begins by opening the two streets that end at the site and defining its perimeter by regularising it, covering the party walls and completing the existing building. The three ‘tall towers’ with different sized flats generate a triangular square that functions as an entrance to the three blocks. The bigger square is surrounded by the lower ground floor buildings that give life to this wide space.