Architecture   |   Completing the block
The neighbourhood of Poblenou in Barcelona is well known for having previously been an important industrial area. Nowadays many of the old warehouses are used as workshops and ateliers resulting in it being a popular area. Nevertheless, there are still some blocks that are derelict making it an ideal spot for investing in public facilities which are currently lacking.

The project consists of designing a sports centre, a market, a student house with workshops and ateliers on its ground floor and an apartment tower with a cultural centre attached to it. The rigorous urban study and consequently the placement and relation of the program was developed with the team whereas the design of each building was part of an individual process.

This is the selection of drawings for the market, a plot which used to be a railway line with the train station at its end. The latter now converted into a restaurant using produce directly from the market. Secondly, two towers with student apartments connected by a public groundfloor with ateliers for artists. The design begins by using the remains of an old wall. Its openings will give direct access to the different workshops defining a characteristic facade towards the main street of the block.